Friday, January 30, 2015

Detecting Fake Food: Take this App to the Market

I'm not an app person. Most make life busier and more complicated, not easier.  And like all of us, my smart-phone romance is already too intense.  

But I found one, free of charge, that fits the bill:  super easy  and fast for anyone to use and understand, and with a database of 80,000 grocery products found in U.S.stores.

I strongly recommend that you take this app to the market, and use it.  (Yes, that includes tech-befuddled baby boomers!) 

Food Scores by The Environmental Working Group, released in late 2014, assigns to each product an overall score from 1.0 ("best score") to 10.0 "worst score"), and below, shows the Score Breakdown by:
  • Nutrition Concern
  • Ingredient Concern
  • Processing Concern.
Below that is a third, succinct section that lists Top Findings, both positive and negative, for that product.  A fourth, more detailed section follows with Other Information.

One feature I especially like: products can be quickly either  scanned or keyed into the app. No holding up aisle traffic or restless kids.  

Food Scores by The Environmental Working Group can be downloaded for free at the iTunes and Google stores.  All information about this app, including score formulations, can be found at The Environmental Working Group website.  

Use this handy tool to easily detect and rank fake food in the grocery store.  

Use it to sort through the marketing BS, the pretty packaging, and the intentionally misleading lures of industrial corporations.  

Use it to improve the your health and that of your loved ones. Today. 

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